Friday, July 7, 2006

Sydney Has Another Cousin!

For the past few months, Sydney has been obsessed with knowing everyone's relation to her. She knows that Rachel and Laura are her cousins (my sister's girls) and she can name my sister and Ryan's brothers with no problem. Last week, another name got added to the mix when Sydney got another cousin: Kayla Watson, daughter of Ryan's brother, Shawn.

We went to visit the new little family on Wednesday. We took them dinner and a few baby gifts and Sydney declared that it must be Kayla's birthday party because she was getting food and presents. I told her that it WAS Kayla's birthday, but that babies didn't have birthday parties. Sydney countered with, "Jacob had a birthday party and he's a baby." Jacob is Ryan's great-nephew who turned one last month. She's a smart little thing! I'm thinking she'll be a lawyer with that kind of logical argument appearing at age 3.

Sydney admired Kayla from a distance, merely peering at her over the edge of the bassinet. Other than that, she really had no interest in the baby. We're curious to see how she reacts to her baby brother in a few short months given her behavior with Kayla. We'll see!

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