Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can I Rest Now?

I am so tired. Exhausted, really.

All of our decorations are up. The Christmas shopping is done. All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The Christmas cards have been mailed out. All of our Christmas candy (hundreds of molded chocolates, chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter cups, fudge squares, four kinds of truffles) has been prepared and is taking up space in our fridge and freezer. All that's left to do is to bake cookies for Santa.

Can I rest now?

You'd think so, but nope.

We have friends coming in from out of town today and tomorrow and we will be entertaining them either tomorrow evening or Saturday so I get to clean the house. Yay.

I get to spend all day Saturday doing laundry and packing for our trip to NYC next week. Not only do I have to pack my stuff, but Sydney's and Liam's, too. Granted, Liam doesn't need all of the warm gear since he'll be out in the 'burbs with my folks, but that also means I've got to pack all of his food and type up an instruction sheet as well.

And did I mention that Sunday is our 7th wedding anniversary? At least I don't have to do anything for that since our trip to NYC is our present to each other.

And somewhere in there I have to find the time to stuff 60 amaretto truffles into teeny tiny plastic purses as party favors for my mom's friend. At least I get paid for this chore. My first paying gig - woo hoo!

Anyway, I'm tired. Between the Christmas hoopla, preparing for our trip ("Does everyone have long underwear and wool socks?") and oh, yeah, growing another person inside of me, I'm tired.

I think I'll go take a quick nap while Liam's down for his. Nighty, night.

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