Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've always felt horrible when I take one of the kids to the doctor for a check-up and then I'm told that they have an ear infection.  If they don't have a fever and don't complain, then how am I supposed to know, right?

Well, poor Evan started running a fever on Saturday evening.  And then he had it again Sunday evening.  And Monday evening.  And Tuesday evening.

I asked him if he had a sore throat.  He said no.  I asked him if his ears hurt.  He said, "Yes.  This one." and he pointed to his right ear and did again this morning when I asked him after breakfast.

So I packed the boys up and headed to the pediatrician's office just certain that he had an ear infection.

His ears looked fine.

The poor boy is cutting his top, right molar and that was causing his ear to hurt.

You'd think by child #3 I'd be on top of this kind of thing.

Nope.  I feel as clueless as a first time mom.

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  1. Tien said...

    One of our friends gave us an ear infection detector kit. I think it uses sound wave technology to detect fluid in the ear. It has worked wonderfully for us and has saved us many trips to the doctor's office.

    Also, one of our friends is a pediatrician and he recommends trying Tylenol before trying antibiotics for an ear infection. He doesn't like to use antibiotics unless necessary. We started to do this and we haven't had to use antibiotics as much as we used to. (Plus it has saved us from trips to the doctor's office).