Thursday, October 6, 2011

She's Definitely Not in FFA

Actual conversation I had with the (still in high school) grocery clerk the other day.

Clerk:  You're like the third person I've checked out today who's bought a pork butt.  (Giggles)

Me:  Well, they're on sale and we can get several meals out of one.

Clerk:  I just called my manager and asked him if he'd ever eaten a pig's butt and he said he hadn't.

Me:  Actually, this is the shoulder of the pig; they just call it pork butt.  Ham is actually a pig's butt.

Clerk (with wide eyes):  So when I have a ham sandwich, I'm eating a pig's butt?

Me:  Yes.

Clerk:  Ewwww.

I'm guessing she's not in her school's Future Farmers of America club.

That's just a guess, though.

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  1. Tien says....

    Bwah hahahahaha. Hilarious!