Friday, October 21, 2005

Maiden post

I'll admit that I'm definitely a sheep when it comes to all things electronic. I didn't see the need for an I-Pod or a laptop (as opposed to a desktop) until others heralded their praises. I even underestimated the superiority of Apple computers until I talked to some people who would use nothing else. This blog is no different. I had no intention of starting one until Ryan started his a couple of weeks ago. After all, does cyberspace really need one more person sharing his/her personal thoughts with the world? Well, whether another blog is needed or not, here it is.

I know that many blogs focus on one or two specific things, like politics or parenting, and although those two topics may appear from time to time in my own blog, I hope that my dormant stay-at-home-mommy brain can come up with other topics as well. No promises on the technological aspects of the blog (links, pictures, etc) for that is Ryan's domain and I will need some hand-holding as I learn the ropes. I only hope that I can amuse you just a little with my thoughts, rants and raves.

Well, I would add more, but Sydney, my two year old, is refusing to take her afternoon nap and I must attend to her. Please stay tuned for more interesting posts in the future.

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