Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Toilet Trouble

Since Sydney was potty trained a couple of months ago, we've been working on getting her to be more independent about it. She has done a fabulous job of going, wiping and flushing all by herself. She even gets herself up in the morning, takes off her diaper, uses the bathroom, puts panties on and then comes to tell us that it's time for breakfast.

Therefore, we no longer follow her into the bathroom to "help" unless she calls for it. Once again, we made a serious error in judgment.

She's been told at least a thousand times that she can only tear off two squares of toilet paper. I tell her that her bottom is little so she only needs two squares. I figured that she could count to twenty, so the concept of two squares should not be an issue.

All was well until yesterday evening. She went potty all by herself and then came to tell us that she needed more toilet paper. Ryan and I gave each other a look because we had just changed the roll the day before. Upon further investigation of the matter, Ryan found a stopped up toilet with almost an entire roll of TP floating in it. One scolding and several plunges later, the toilet is fine, which is great because we only have the one.

So we're back to the constant reminders of "two squares" and surprise spot inspections of Miss Independent's potty usage. Just when you think you've accomplished something you get a huge reminder that a pre-schooler is not to be trusted alone around something as fascinating as toilet paper. Oh, well....the joys of parenting.

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