Sunday, June 11, 2006


To make bath time easier, I usually climb in the tub and take a bath with Sydney. Our tub is fairly deep and leaning over it tires me out, especially now that I've got a belly in the way.

A couple of nights ago, I was already in the tub while it filled with water. Sydney undressed herself, threw her clothes on the floor and used the potty. When she finished her "business" she began to get in the tub. I asked, "Sydney, where do your clothes go?" meaning, "Put your clothes in the hamper." In her excitement, she picked up her pile of clothes and threw them in the unflushed potty. I cried, "No!!!!!!!!"

Ryan came running in, thinking something terrible had happened, and the two of us cracked up laughing. Poor Sydney had tears in her eyes thinking she'd done something terrible. She fished her clothes out of the potty and threw the soaked items in the hamper.

We started laughing even harder and I felt rather sorry for her. Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to reassure her that she'd done nothing wrong. It took a good five minutes of cuddling to calm her down.

I knew it would happen one day seeing as the hamper is right next to the potty. I just didn't think we'd find it that funny.

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