Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Date is Reset!

I went in for my 36 week doctor appointment today and thank goodness I double checked our little guy's delivery date. I casually asked the doctor at the end of the appointment, "So, we're still on for November 8th, right?"

He replied, "Ummm, no, I have the 9th written in your chart."

He checked the calendar in his office and told me that he had Thursday, the 9th, designated as our delivery date. I KNOW he said the 8th back in June when I had the ultrasound done. Ryan heard him say it, too, so I know I'm not crazy.

So...for everyone who was planning on traveling to Houston on the 8th, you're more than welcome to, but the baby apparently won't make his appearances until Thursday, November 9th.

Who knows....I guess the doctor didn't want to reschedule his Wednesday golf game.

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