Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Things I can no longer do

In addition to the standard things a pregnant woman can't do (drink alcohol, ice skate, eat unpasteurized cheeses), I've discovered some things that I personally cannot do. Here's my personal "Top 10 List" of things I can no longer do:

1. Paint my toenails without pausing to catch my breath after each toe.
2. Lean over the tub to give Sydney a bath.
3. Put away dishes that belong any higher than one shelf up.
4. Watch tear-jerker shows like "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition."
5. Hold Sydney in my lap to read a book.
6. Chase Sydney when she pulls away from me in a store.
7. Sit in a chair without cushions.
8. Find pajama bottoms that fit.
9. Reach into the depths of the washing machine to remove the washed clothes.
10. Go more than an hour without taking a trip to the restroom.

Am I uncomfortable? Yes.
Am I ready to not be pregnant anymore? Yes.
Is all the discomfort worth it? Definitely.

I can't wait until November 8th to meet our little guy.

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