Thursday, November 16, 2006

Liam's First Checkup

Today was Liam's first checkup with the pediatrician. His circumcision is healing quite nicely and other than his right ear sticking out a little bit, he is physically perfect. A quick trip to the baby scale revealed that he is one ounce away from his birthweight of 5 pounds, 11 ounces. That is remarkable considering that pediatricians like to see infants back at their birthweight by their two-week checkup. He'll definitely surpass that at his appointment next week.

As for his personality and temperament, he's generally a very easy going baby. The only time he fusses is when his diaper is being changed or when he's hungry. Other than that, he sleeps a whole lot and spends his awake time looking around and taking in the scenery.

Sydney is adjusting quite well to the huge family change. She is my "helper" bringing me diapers or putting the pacifier in Liam's mouth when he is crying. She is also our "baby alarm" when she runs to find us when he's crying. Hopefully, she'll continue to be my helper once Ryan goes back to work after Thanksgiving.

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