Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The Time is Set

Now that we've got the date straightened out (Thursday, November 9th), I spent today getting the time straightened out. The surgery will start at 12:30 pm so our little guy should arrive sometime around 12:45 pm. I'll be in recovery for an hour or two while he goes to the newborn nursery to be bathed, measured and monitored for jaundice and temperature control. If he's as tiny as Sydney was (and he probably will be), then he may have some issues regulating his temperature just like she did. In that case, he'll stay in the newborn nursery for four hours before he can be released to my room. When all is said and done, both of us should be in a room by about 5 pm (for those of you who plan on visiting).

As for his name....Shiran and Amanda win the Halloween candy for guessing correctly. You guys just have to collect your rewards before I eat it all!

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