Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to Get the Republican Party off Your Back

A few years ago, a friend in our Sunday School class asked us to vote for a friend of hers who happened to be running for a local judicial appointment. We trust our friend and agreed to read up on the candidate and if we liked her, we'd vote for her. The only catch was that we had to vote in the Republican primary which means we had to register as Republicans. I generally don't have a problem with Republicans; I also don't have problems with Democrats. I'm pretty much a middle-of-the-line Independent which means I don't really want to be associated with either major party.

We went ahead and voted for our friend's friend and ever since, the Republican Party has not left me alone. For some reason, they've pretty much ignored Ryan, but I keep getting fliers, surveys and junk in the mail. "Fill out this survey and tell us what you think of the party", the forms would say. Once I took the time to fill it out and while stuffing it in the envelope, noticed the fine print stating, "Please include a minimum $20 processing donation." I promptly threw it away.

Well, last week, an unknown number kept popping up on the Caller ID. After several attempts to get Liam down for a nap only to be interrupted by this same number calling, I finally answered.

Me: "Hello?" (In an annoying tone)

Lady: "Umm, yes, I'm trying to reach Jana Lozado."

Me: "This is she." (Even more annoying tone)

Lady: "Yes, I'm calling on behalf of the Republican Something or Other Committee and was wondering if you had a moment to participate in a short survey regarding our current administration."

Me: "Sure."

Lady: "Would you say that you are currently satisfied or unsatisfied with the job President George W. Bush is doing?"

Me: "UN-satisfied."

Lady: "Did you say unsatisfied?" (As if I were the first person all day who dared to say 'unsatisfied')

Me: "I certainly did." (I'm smiling, wishing she could see it)

Lady: "Oh, I see. Well, thank you for your time."

Me: "No problem."

They haven't bothered me since.

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