Monday, January 11, 2010

Teeth, Talking and Tinkling, Oh My!

My posting had been a bit sporadic of late thanks to the holidays and the busyness of life, so here's a quick update on the kids:

...lost one of her top teeth while we were in New Orleans. The Tooth Fairy thankfully found her there and she looks adorable when she smiles.
...earned the honor of "Student of the Month" at her gymnastics gym. She's blowing everyone away with her abilities, especially on the bars. While we're happy that she's doing so well and loves it so much, I don't know how we're going to react when the coaches inevitably approach us about her joining "the team."

Evan... now speaking in two and three word phrases. He says something new everyday and repeats absolutely everything. Just the other day I heard him tell Liam to "Stop it!" when he was tired of being sat upon. We're totally amazed at his verbal abilities. just a few pounds shy of weighing as much as Liam. He is a stocky little guy with a big 'ole belly. He's a cutie and we love him to pieces.

...failed his school district speech evaluation with flying colors today so we'll be taking advantage of speech therapy services with Sydney's elementary school. He has no issues with understanding words and his level of vocabulary is right on target, but his pronunciation lags behind his peers. I am so excited that he'll be getting help, especially since it's at no cost to us (as compared to the expensive private tutoring we had him in last summer). now in big boy underwear full time!!! We spent New Year's weekend working with him and I actually witnessed his little light bulb moment when he finally got it. We're still working on getting him to go #2 consistently on the potty, but I'll take any milestone I can get. Hurray!!

I hope I didn't bore you too much...I'll be back to my irregularly scheduled blogging later this week.


  1. Hooray for Liam on the potty training! Now neither he nor Anna will have to wear a diaper when they go to the prom together in 2024!

  2. Yay for Sydney, and Evan and Liam!! It sounds like milestone frenzy around your house :)

  3. One more potty trained! I am jealous! =)