Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

It's the end of the school year, and as expected, Sydney has been hauling all kinds of things home from school: her spelling test spiral, a stack of artwork about a mile deep, her weekly reader log, etc. One of the funniest things she brought home (and probably the only thing that won't wind up in the recycle bin), is her journal. Throughout the year, the teacher had the students write 1-2 sentences on various topics and then illustrate them. Some of Sydney's cracked me up.

Here they are, with her own little misspellings and a few hints from me in italics. I think she did a great job for being six years old!

9/3: This summer I went to Galveston S. (for Schlitterbahn). I had so much fun! I went down a slide. Wheeeeee!

9/21: In my nabhood (neighborhood), there is a house that looks like mine. All the houses are the same.

11/30: My christmas tree is fake. I decorate my christmas tree every year.

1/12: On a snowy day I like to go ouside and have a snowball fight, biuld a snowman and make snow agagls (angels) then I go inside and take a warm bath.

5/19: On Feld (Field) day there are water slides, Tug o war, tattoos, movies, snow cones.

5/26: After school it's going to be fun because it's SUMMER! In summer my whole family is going to Sanantonio. H. and S. (the first initials of her two little best friends) we are having a camping sleep over we're going to have marshmloes. At last we're going to Flodira (Florida).

Hopefully, it will be a great summer. As for Florida.....I haven't had the heart to tell her yet that we may not get to go due to the oil spill. Oh well, we'll have a fun time no matter what!

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  1. That is adorable!! I have a small binder of Raley's Kindergarten and 1st grade things like this. I still have ALL his school work since then and have not gone through it all yet (yes, that's 3!!! years worth). Our boys took the news of our cancelled trip fairly well, we just hope that the oil spill doesn't come to Texas before we can get to the beach. Have a great summer :)