Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here We Go Again

Last week was such an awesome week.  Liam got into the new speech program, Sydney found out her new best little friend from school lives in our neighborhood, I had my teeth cleaned and the dentist found no other problems (this, in itself, is a miracle), my Bible study was lots of fun, Sydney brought home a fabulous report card and the weather was beautiful all week long (hence the lack of posts).

It was seriously one of the best weeks I've had in a really long time.  And then....

...Ryan had another seizure early Friday morning.  He didn't fall out of bed like last time; he just had a seizure at 4:30 in the morning.  Because he didn't hit his head, I didn't call 911 this time, but I did watch him carefully until his neurologist's office opened up and then I gave her a call.

Per her instructions, he spent the weekend resting and I spent the weekend playing chauffeur since he wasn't cleared to drive.

We went to see her yesterday and she lined up a couple of tests and handed him a prescription for some hoity-toity anit-seizure medication that, even with insurance, is going to cost us an arm and a leg.  Seriously, is there such a thing as a doctor who knows how much tests and medications actually cost?

But you know what?  I'm willing to do whatever it takes to never have to watch him have another seizure again.  He doesn't remember them, but I sure do and they are some of the scariest things I've witnessed.

We're doing everything we can to solve this mystery.  And by everything, I mean everything.  We're researching.  We're looking into generic medications.  We're looking into dietary changes and exercise regimens.  Ryan's co-worker has him looking into acupuncture.  Vitamins, minerals, nothing's out of the question at this point.

It may take us a while to find the solution, but we're determined to find it.  If nothing else, his seizures have reinforced for us that life is short and we're going to find a way to get him healthy so that we can enjoy life to the fullest.


  1. I hope you find something out soon that will stop them forever! Love and hugs to you all :)

  2. Wow, sorry about Ryan's seizure. Did I tell you that I had one when newly pregnant? No fun! The neurologist never found evidence of one, so they didn't worry about it. I never had another. But I still couldn't drive for 6 months, and then saw the neurologist then to release me.

    I grew up with a girl who had epilepsy in elementary school. She had to have a "buddy" with her any time she left the classroom. There were only about 8 girls, so we all took turns. We had to be "trained" on what to do when she did have one. And she did. I don't know how many times I saw her have seizures throughout school. It's a hard thing to watch and feel completely helpless.

    I'm glad that you guys are willing to change things to prevent whatever you can. And I hope that your doctors are a big help too.

  3. Tien said...

    How frightening! I'm so glad that you were there when Ryan had it; otherwise, he might not have even known. Like Fran, I hope you find something out soon that will stop them forever!