Tuesday, July 26, 2011


- I ate my very first Lean Cuisine meal this week.  It may have been lean, but it was not cuisine.  Someone should scold them for false advertising.

- I think that new "Cowboys and Aliens" movie looks so stupid, but I'm the same person who took one look at "Dancing with the Stars" several years ago and said there was no way that show would make it past one season.

- While painting my kitchen the other day, I had Pandora music playing.  During the course of the day, it played several Amy Winehouse songs.  She really was a talented singer.  Such a shame.

- My dad mowed our lawn last week while Ryan was on a business trip.  Sydney asked me how much I was going to pay him.  (Just in case you're wondering, I pay him in food.)

- I dropped the kids off at Ryan's mom's house for a few days so that I could some stuff done around the house.  Sydney said the best part of staying there is that she doesn't have to make her bed.

- I finally started working on Evan's Christmas stocking again.  Poor boy is coming up on his fourth Christmas and it's about time he had his own personalized stocking like his siblings.

- I bit the bullet and paid somebody to come out and clean our carpet.  Wow!  Between that and newly painted kitchen I feel like I'm in a whole new house.

- The kids found a baby gecko in the toy room last week.  Liam asked if we could keep it.  I politely told him "no" as I captured the scared thing and put it outside where it belongs.  Maybe it's time we get some kind of pet....


  1. You're so better than me. I would have caved on the keeping of the gecko. We currently have a turtle, fish, new puppy, and cats. None of which I was too thrilled about.

  2. Just a reminder, we're here and reading every entry. By the way, if no one's told you, you're doing a great job! All our love.....

  3. Lean cuisine pizzas and pannini sandwiches aren't bad. If you don't mind getting your whole day's sodium in one meal. -Deyna

  4. Tien said...

    I agree with your and Deyna's comments about Lean Cuisine. Nothing cuisine about them, although the pannini sandwiches are pretty good.

    I didn't think I would ever want to watch DWTS, but now that Sarai is taking dance lessons, I wish we had a working TV so she could see it once in awhile.

    Keep us posted on which pet you all decide to get if you decide to get one!