Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye Bye Tonsils

Thanks to her already enlarged tonsils and several bouts of strep over the past year, Sydney was the lucky recipient of a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy a few days ago.

She and I went shopping for every conceivable soft food product a few days beforehand.  None of them were healthy.  She got to have pizza for her "last meal."  And she had the undivided attention from both me and Ryan since the boys were shipped off to their grandparents' for a good 24 hours.   Now that was a rarity.

She was feeling fairly confident going in:


And she looked really pitiful in recovery:


Both the wheelchair ride and the valeted van were new experiences for her, too.  Is it sad that she had to ask what "valet" meant or does that mean that we're doing a good job of not spoiling her?


Overall, her recovery is going well.  She's still not eating much and we have to force her to drink a lot of liquids.  Luckily, all she really wants to drink is water.  And Ryan saved the day by buying a bag of Sonic ice for her to munch on.  She hasn't been turning down ice cream, either, and seeing as how that's the only source of calories that she can tolerate, I guess I don't mind that she's eating it three times a day.

Hopefully, she'll be ready to go back to school on Thursday.  The boys, especially, are getting a bit stir crazy and they're not particularly happy that she's pretty much had the TV to herself for the past few days, either.  I'm getting a little tired of Harry Potter movies myself.

But, if this works and she doesn't have to fight strep anymore and sleeps a little better without all the tonsil related snoring, then it will be worth it.



  1. We're thankful everything went well and Sydney is recuperating. It looks like Pink Bear went throught the ordeal with her, too. Glad she could provide some comfort to Sydney! Hug her for us!! Paw Paw & Maw Maw Lozado

  2. Nice having grandparents so close! We are very thankful Woodie and Vicky are so close...It gives me peace of mind, which is priceless. Love you much!

  3. Tien said...

    These pictures are so precious. I'm glad she is doing well. I loved that she asked what "valet" is! I think it means you are doing your job and not spoiling her :-)