Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Funnies

Look!  Posts two days in a row!  What is the world coming to?

A few funnies from the past couple of weeks....

...Evan and I went to a dollar store in search of cheap pool noodles for his upcoming birthday party.  We walked in and he said, "What is that smell?  Ew."  You know, he's right.  Why do all dollar/discount stores have a certain stench odor to them?

...We were watching a dvr'd Austin City Limits one evening when the headlining group was Coldplay.  Evan was dancing in his seat and Sydney sat there completely enthralled.  When she declared that "Paradise" was her favorite Coldplay song, Ryan was so excited.  It is one of his missions as a parent to ensure that our kids are exposed to good music as opposed to most of the drivel on the radio (his words, not mine).

....Speaking of drivel on the radio...I must make the kids listen to my Adele Pandora mix way too often.  In the past week, Sydney has asked me:
    -"What is a rumor?"
    -"What does 'chasing pavements' mean?"
    -"How exactly do you set fire to the rain?"
I explained the metaphors the best that I could, to which she replied, "Well, if that's what she means, why doesn't she just say that in the first place?"  Smart girl, that one.

...We told Liam that once he's completely night potty trained (we're almost there - he's been dry every night for two weeks in a row - yay!) that he could have a friend sleep over.  He told me that the friend he wants to sleep over is his best friend at pre-school who just happens to be a girl (we'll call her A).  Um....I don't think so.

...A's mother told me that after a day of A's baby sister being clingy due to a cold, A said, "When I grow up and marry Liam and we have a baby, I'm going to hold her all day long while Liam does the cooking and laundry."  Seeing as Liam and A are zoned to the same schools and are in the same Sunday School class at church, I think we're going to have to keep an eye on those two!

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