Friday, November 4, 2005

Antics of a Two Year Old

Yesterday, my sister, Deyna, brought us a chest of drawers that she was no longer using. We put it in Sydney's room, next to her bed, and I filled it with clothes and diapers and then went ahead and put various items on top in order to clear up clutter in other parts of her room. It was nothing much, just her brush and comb, pigtail holders and barrettes and some Lubriderm lotion. Boy, did I make a mistake.

We put Sydney to bed at eight and as usual, we heard her playing in her room for a while. Since she moved into a big girl bed, she often plays for a while before falling asleep. Ryan went in to check on her at 8:30 and apparently her pink bear "went poo-poo" because she had found her diaper wipes (accidentally left on top of the dresser) and had used about 10 of them to "clean" her bear. Ryan took them away and put her back in bed.

When she still hadn't gone to sleep by nine, I checked on her. Sydney had Lubriderm ALL OVER. It was on the wall. It was on her blanket. It was in her hair. She looked up and said, "Need lotion," and proceeded to smear more on her legs even though they were already covered in 1/4 inch of the stuff. Ryan put a now screaming Sydney in the tub while I stripped her bed. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a a picture, but the image of her covered from head to toe (literally) in lotion will live on in our minds for a long time.

Needless to say, we've learned our lesson about putting things on top of her dresser.

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