Thursday, November 10, 2005

She's Already a Heartbreaker....

This afternoon we took Sydney to the park for a little while before dinner seeing as how it is now pitch black after dinner. She met a little boy who looked to be close to the ripe old age of three. First, he chased her up and down a hill. Then she chased him up and down the hill. And then they chased each other all over the park. It was obviously the two-year-old equivalent of flirting.

He showed her how strong he was by hanging onto a chain and even tried to hold her hand. She would have none of that nonsense. Instead, she held her hand up to his face and said, "Stop!" The poor little guy looked hurt, but continued to follow her around for a while.

After a couple of minutes of being ignored by Sydney, he lost interest and began to wander off and play with some other little boys.

Who knows how many more hearts she'll break in her lifetime, but we'll always remember this little boy as Sydney's first victim of romantic rejection.

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