Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making Plans

Now that Easter is over, the kids are really looking forward to May (due to birthdays) and summer. Well, Sydney is looking forward to those things since she is aware of them. The boys? Well....they just roll with the punches at this point.

Sydney is so excited about her birthday next month. We decided to adopt my sister's "big parties every other year" strategy so there won't be anything too overly complicated to plan or carry out as opposed to last year with the park, pinata and pizza for 50 people. (At 38 weeks pregnant, no less.) We told her we'd take her and a friend to Build a Bear and Chick-fil-A and she seemed perfectly happy with that scenario. Whew! I was honestly expecting a big old drama queen scene, but she's excited to make a bear for herself since she's only made them for her brothers as "Welcome to the World, You Big Attention Hog Little Sibling" gifts. We'll have a small family party at our house for her and Evan at some point, too. I can't believe my little boy will turn one next month!

I was really dreading the summer a few weeks ago, but the plans and activities are really starting to come together. I signed all three kids up for Bible School at my sister's church (I'll be volunteering) so that's one week in June that I don't have to worry about. Then there's a few days at my parents' annual time share in San Antonio and our week of vacation in July. I'm also looking into gymnastics for Sydney and Liam and former lifeguard Ryan said he'd do their swim lessons in the evenings and on the weekends. Throw in some trips to the zoo, some mornings at the park, a night or two with the grandparents here and there and I think I'm pretty well covered. And I think I've decided that every day that we don't have something official planned, we're going to do an activity out of "The Dangerous Book for Boys." Ryan got it for me a couple of years ago (since I know absolutely nothing about raising boys) and it's got some really fun ideas in it.

So, what are your plans for the summer? Anything fun planned? Any ideas I can steal from you?

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