Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneaky PTA People

For two months, Sydney has been so excited about her first concert/performance at school. She's been singing and dancing up a storm so that she can practice her moves and perfect her pitch. She's worked really hard.

The kindergarten concert was this evening and it was so much fun. Each class was asked to wear a certain color so that the entire group looked like a rainbow. Luckily, Sydney's class was "red" and right up front so that I could get a great view of her singing and dancing. All of her hard work paid off because she sang her little heart out and danced with the best of them. She did a great job playing the kazoo for one of the songs, too. I took lots of video, but since there are other kids in it, I don't want to post it because those kids aren't as cute as my kid I don't think their parents would appreciate some stranger posting their kids' pictures on the internet. Trust me though, it was some cute stuff.

However, in order to watch Sydney do her thing, I had to sit through this month's PTA meeting first. They did it on purpose, of course. Otherwise, there would have been only fifteen people there to witness the Bree Hodge look-a-likes take their oaths of office for next year. Just kidding. Actually, I was surprised to see that most of the PTA people looked like normal moms ("mom jeans" included).

They may actually lure me to the dark side and convince me to join the PTA next school year. Except I hope the "mom jeans" aren't a requirement.

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