Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

* Sydney and Ryan are going camping again this weekend. While she loved it last time, it's supposed to be semi-cold and rainy this weekend. I hope she still likes it because we just plunked down a chunk of change for a huge tent.

* Today is Potty HellTraining Part III for Liam. Only two accidents this morning, so there is hope yet for the boy. He turns three in one month so I am completely committed to making it work this time. Until I give up. Again. Ha!

* Today is also Picture Day at Sydney's school. I didn't buy any because I refuse to purchase pictures in advance (last year's looked terrible). But Sydney looked really cute this morning and now I'm feeling really guilty about it.

* I've been DVRing and watching episodes of the old 90210 from beginning to end. I watch them during nap time and in the evenings when Ryan is working late (which seems to be a lot lately). The final two episodes aired today....I'm going to miss those rich, spoiled people who never have to worry about money.

* I'm having three root canals done on Monday. To say I'm nervous would be a HUGE understatement.

* I still haven't finished cross-stitching Evan's stocking. It won't be done by Christmas, either. But I don't think he'll notice and I promise to finish it by next Christmas.

* My hives finally went away. Only took a week and a half this time - woo hoo!

* As the holidays approach, I'm getting the itch to make my chocolates again. I just wish I had the freezer space to hold them all until we have a chance to give them away.

* We have our Halloween costumes all picked out: Sydney is going to be Word Girl (my mom is making it), Liam is going to be Winnie the Pooh (a hand-me-down from my sister that Sydney wore a few years ago) and Evan is wearing Liam's cow costume from a couple of years ago. I'm so glad it's figured out.


  1. Hope the potty training goes better this time. And if you have to wait and try again will be OK too.

    Mmm, chocolates! You do a wonderful job with them!

    The Halloween costumes sound good. Zachariah can't decide what he wants to be. I'm wondering if it's even worth doing Halloween with him this year. We'll see.

    Happy Friday!

  2. We should make a collage of the 4 grandkids (so far) who have worn that Winnie the Pooh costume. That was my second, and last, attempt at a handmade Halloween costume. Not too bad, huh?

  3. Adelay would be so jealous of that Word Girl costume!
    Also: THREE root canals! My gosh, woman. I hope you have the option of being completely knocked out for that! (Side Anecdote: my grandmother once underwent a root canal without any pain meds or numbing agents, VOLUNTARILY. She didn't want the side effects and apparently has always had an incredibly high pain threshold. Wish that'd been hereditary!)