Monday, October 5, 2009

New Additions

Looking for some new bloggy/internet reads? Check out some of the additions to my blog sidebar.

First, there's People of Walmart that never fails to crack me up when I look at it. Also, it makes me worry about how I look when I'm doing my weekly shopping (but I don't shop at Walmart, so I'm hoping that I'm safe from the scrutinizing eyes of internet gawkers [unless there is a site called People of HEB and then I'm up a creek without a paddle]).

Then there is Awkward Family Photos. This one makes me want to burn the family photos we had taken in the 80's. Some of my hairdos could definitely be considered quite awkward (remember the tight, curly perms that were so popular in 1985?).

And there's Embracing the Chaos, the blog of my high school friend, Frances. She's down to earth and so funny. I only wish we lived closer to each other so that we could see each other more often than family weddings. (Did I mention that she's also Ryan's step-niece-in-law? It's complicated - we just call her a cousin.)

So who are you reading lately? I'm always looking for new reads!


  1. Thanks for the plug Jana!! I love that youy like my blog so much since I simply adore yours! Hugs to Uncle Ryan LOL!!

  2. Oh I love People of Wal Mart! I spent like an hour there when I first discovered it! And I discovered that family photo site just about a week ago, so I'm still heavily into that too. We must have found them right around the same time.