Friday, January 27, 2006

Update on the Resolutions

It's now one month into my New Year's Resolutions and I'm actually doing pretty well. My first goal was to lose weight, specifically ten pounds by the end of the year. I've lost two so far, which is not much, but it's something. Ryan says he can see the difference in my face and legs so apparently running three or four miles several days each week is working for me, albeit a little slower than I'd like.

Second, I've kept to my promise to read a book a week. I've read four, the most enjoyable being 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova. It involves the search for Dracula throughout Europe and Turkey and contains fabulous plot twists along with beautiful descriptions of various countries, primarily those in Eastern Europe. It's long, but definitely worth it, especially for someone like me who is fascinated with the intertwining of history and geography.

My third goal was to get our yard looking better. Two full garbage cans and 12 bulging garbage bags later, we can once again see the walkway on the west side of the house. I'd almost forgotten it was there seeing as that side of the house became our 'jungle' due to neglect. Only three more sides to go!

"Slow and steady wins the race' will be my mantra over the next year. Perhaps this will keep me from burning out when it comes to keeping up with my year-long goals.

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