Friday, January 6, 2006

Willful 2 year-old + PMS = Chaos

While I am thankful that Sydney is back in school twice a week, this week I wished she was going five days a week. It's bad enough to have a willful two year-old, but when you add a bad case of PMS into the mixture, it makes for an unpleasant week for everyone involved.

Friday (today) is cleaning day in our house and while I'm usually not bothered by Sydney's "help", today I just couldn't take it. Her "help" usually adds an extra twenty minutes (and extra work for me) to each chore so rather than lose my patience with her, I asked her to go play by herself while I finished up a task. She obliged and I finished whatever it was I was doing. Then I noticed the quiet. It was way too quiet.

I found her in the bathroom applying paper mache to her arms. She had taken strips of toilet paper and dipped them in toilet (which she had just filled with pee pee and not flushed yet). She then wrapped the wet strips around her arms. There she was, pants around the ankles, covered in wet toilet paper. Oh, what a mess!

Next time, I think I'll close the bathroom doors before asking her to entertain herself. Of course, being two and half, she'll finding something else to get into, I'm sure.

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