Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We currently have a guest in our attic of the four-legged persuasion. He/she popped in without a reservation early this morning (hence the early time post on this entry) and suffice it to say that it is an unwelcome guest. It is also a mysterious guest since we don't exactly know what species it belongs to. I'm thinking raccoon since it sounds quite large and bumbly as it knocks things over. It's either that or a possum (or opossum, whatever....the "o" is silent anyway) since we've had both take up residence in our attic before.

Normally, this is isn't a big deal since
a) we have a humane trap that we can use to catch and release such little critters, and
b) we're home to make use of said trap.

But, the reasons for the "Argh!" above are:
a) I loaned the trap to a friend who was having similar issues and she still has it, and
b) we're leaving later this morning for San Antonio for a short vacation.

While I'm looking forward to our "mini-break", I am not looking forward to coming home and discovering the havoc wreaked in our attic by our unwelcome visitor. I'm hoping my obsession with storing everything in plastic totes will spare the majority of our belongings, but you never know....those raccoons can be sneaky.

Wish us luck.

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