Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not a Total Washout

Trying to avoid what seemed like the 50th day in a row of rain, we decided to head west on Wednesday for a "mini-break" (as Bridget Jones would call it) in San Antonio. After all, central/west Texas is supposed to have less precipitation and humidity than here. Unfortunately, the rain found us.

We stayed here with my parents at their timeshare. Ryan, Sydney and my niece, Laura, spent Wednesday afternoon out in the fabulous pools and had a blast. But then it started raining and raining and then it rained some more. Instead of going to SeaWorld on Thursday, we stayed inside the condo playing games and watching TV (mostly the Weather Channel thanks to my dad....what is it about retired people and the Weather Channel?).

The icky weather let up late Thursday afternoon so we did venture back out to the pools and although the rain had chilled the water to a crisp 72 degrees (or something equally chilly), we still had fun.

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Here's Sydney and her new pink goggles purchased just for our vacation.

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Here's Liam (being held by my mom) testing out the water. He had a blast splashing up a storm.

The water slides weren't running so we took a trip down the "Lazy River" and had some races. We decided it was time to head in when Sydney couldn't stop chattering her teeth and my lips and fingertips turned blue.

By the time Ryan and I went back later that evening to check out the awesome hot tubs, the "river" water had warmed considerably and we had fun enjoying our time without children.

Despite the weather, we had a really great time. I can't wait to go back and it looks like my wish will come true since my parents are hoping to make trips there an annual family tradition. I just hope I get to work on my tan a little bit more next year.

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