Friday, June 22, 2007


Someone please explain to me how Liam can sleep straight through the loudest, longest thunderstorm we've had in a year but wakes up if anyone walks anywhere near his (our) room.

The other night, we had a huge thunderstorm move through at 2 am. It woke the rest of us up but Liam slept right through it. Not one peep from him.

But if anyone goes near his crib (especially during nap time), he wakes up. Tip-toeing does not help and heaven forbid he sees you and then you duck out of his line of sight. Major meltdown.

Sometimes, I think he has the hearing abilities of a bat. He just sends out little pulses and knows if somone is nearby when those pulses bounce back. That would explain why thunder doesn't wake him up; there's no physical entity to bounce those little pulses off of.

We had planned to move him into Sydney's room sometime next month, but I'm afraid that he'll start waking up at night again. And heaven knows we don't need two children awake in the middle of the night.

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