Friday, December 5, 2008


This kind of crap is exactly why I quit teaching. I'm not saying that the teacher is completely faultless, but the mother's reaction just really irritates me.

I actually had a mother accuse me of being a racist when I didn't accept her daughter's late homework (it was a college prep class - no late work accepted). Never mind that I tried to protect the girl from her own mother's wrath by being fuzzy about her rude response to me (then the mother called me deaf, too). Never mind the fact that the girl had attitude issues with many teachers. Never mind that the girl forged the nurse's signature on a hall pass to skip a class. Never mind that she refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance (I never forced anyone to say it, but I did ask everyone to stand during it). Even after all of this, I'm the one accused of wrong doing by trying to hold the girl accountable for her actions?

No wonder so many teachers quit. When parents go looking for someone to blame for the state of public education in this country, they should stop and take a good look at themselves.

Sorry. This is obviously a sore subject for me.

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