Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You'd Think She Had One Foot in the Grave

Other than the forced Hurricane Ike break, Sydney hasn't missed one day of kindergarten so far. Until today, that is. She came home with a fever yesterday and despite the medicine we gave her, she woke up with one this morning, too.

LIke all mothers do when their children are sick, I've been indulging her a bit to distract her from the discomfort of the fever and sore throat. She got to take a long, leisurely bath in my big garden tub this morning. She's watched more TV than I usually allow. She drank an entire can of Sprite and a juice box this morning which is a huge privilege for a girl who is allowed only one cup of soft drink or juice a day. Since Liam's at preschool today, she got to play on the computer without her brother bugging her. And just like my mother used to do for me, I fixed her some chicken noodle soup for lunch and changed the sheets on her bed (something about clean sheets always made me feel better). Except for the fact that I just made her go lie down in her room (with the door shut) to "rest" (please, oh please, go to sleep!) for an hour, she's had a pretty cushy day. And she's milking it for all it's worth, too.

Since Sydney's fever has been quite high, I'm betting that she'll be staying home tomorrow as well and I'm running out of ideas.

So here's my question: what kind of things did you mom do for you when you were sick? What kinds of things do you do for your own kids when they're sick?

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