Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kiddo Updates

It's been a while since I've written about what the kids are up to these days. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly they learn and how fun it is to watch them grow as tiny individuals.

Sydney has turned into such a big girl. She is reading non-stop these days. She finished her study bible and is now obsessed with the book we got her for Easter, Where the Sidewalk Ends and we read it and giggle every night. I have a feeling that her reading will really blossom this summer. She loves writing, too. Just this week she wrote out a list of things for her American Girl doll that Ryan can get her the next time he's in NYC. And she doesn't know it yet, but she's getting a brand new bike for her birthday (up til now she's only had hand-me-downs) and we're excited to teach her how to ride it. Overall, she is quite independent and I'm convinced that once she learns how to tie her shoes, there's no stopping her.

Liam is one rambunctious little guy. He climbs on everything. He runs everywhere. He is into everything. He is still a sweet boy, climbing into bed with us on Saturday mornings for a little cuddle and he is definitely a daddy's boy, asking where Ryan is every morning when he wakes up. He is slowly talking more and more. Much of it is still unintelligible to anyone but me and Ryan, but he's getting better. He is a little parrot and called me "dude" the other day after hearing me call him a "cool dude" with his sunglasses on. He plays with Evan more and more and he is the class clown at his MDO. He is mischievous, but he is sweet, too. I have a feeling that we will be getting a lot of calls from his teachers in the coming years. And some calls from the parents of some little girls, too.

Evan is a mama's boy and that is just fine with me. :) He is constantly burrowing his little head into my chest and gives me kisses all the time. He points to the fan, to the door, to pictures in books, to everything really. He started clapping last week and today he started giving me high-fives. Peek-a-boo is his favorite game, even if he doesn't quite get his eyes covered during the "hiding" part. With his three little teeth, he eats everything that we eat and is down to three bottles a day now that he's gotten the hang of the sippy cup. He loves walking with his little walking toys and his latest feat is standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. He babbles all day long and I swear I've heard him try to repeat things I've said to him. He's going through a bit of separation anxiety and cries when I leave him in the church nursery, but warms up to the workers after a few minutes and they actually fight over who gets to hold him because he's so sweet. I still can't believe that he turns one next week. :(

I'm sure I've thoroughly bored you, but I feel like I've fallen behind on my blogging lately and taken the easy way out by posting lots of pictures. And despite the cliche of a picture being worth a thousand words, one snapshot in time cannot possibly convey the wonders of watching three unique personalities grow and develop.

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