Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Lotsa changes goin' on around here.

Evan is not only talking (add "boo" to his current vocabulary of "uh-oh" and "woof, woof") and walking (just one step, but that counts, right?), he is now transitioning from two naps to one. Most days he still takes two naps, but I can tell that he'll be down to one nap a day in the next couple of months. Hurray! Until then, we'll play the "Will he go to sleep or won't he?" game and plan our summer activities accordingly.

Sydney is officially a first grader now. She graduated from kindergarten this afternoon along with the other 120 kindergartners in our neighborhood. They sang little songs and got awards for art, music and athletics. Amazingly, Sydney got a medal for having the 12th best time (out of 75 girls) for running a half mile. Who knew a child of a total non-athlete could run that fast (half a mile in five minutes!). I guess it's a good thing we signed her up for gymnastics this summer.

Liam is out of school as well and is already going stir crazy. I finally called a speech therapist to help us out once a week to get him to talk more. After our first session, she told me that she's concerned with his lack of lip and mouth movement while talking. Basically, she's going to give me some exercises to do with him to get him to stop mumbling. I've been trying some and I'm pretty sure I look like Jim Carrey in some of his more animated roles, but I'll do whatever it takes to get him talking.

We also have a big family transition coming up. (No, we're not having another baby.....that ship has sailed, my friends.) We're thinking about changing churches. While we love our current church, it's just too far of a drive now that we've left The Big City for The Land of Fruit. We'd really like for our kids to have friends from church that live in the area and go to their schools. That just isn't possible at our current church since only a handful of people from The Land of Fruit attend services there. We'll probably switch toward the end of summer when Ryan's commitment to the contemporary band ends. So, sorry Sherri and Brooke - we're going to miss seeing you guys every week. :(

I'm going to do my best to keep up with the blogging this summer. With three kids at home, though, the only time I'll be free to do it will be in the evenings once they're all in bed. Add in the books I need to read for my two book clubs and the project I'm working on for Evan, and promises.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

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