Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kiddo Updates

So I haven't given an update lately on what the kids have been up to. They keep me on my toes, but they definitely keep me laughing, too.

1. ...has decided that she should get a cell phone in the 5th grade because "all 5th graders have them." What it amounts to is that she knows one 5th grader who has a cell phone (my niece).
2. ...scored a 100 on her math test and a 103 on her spelling test. Woo hoo!
3. ..."moved her color" (got in trouble) last week. With all of the tears, you would have thought her best friend died or something.
4. ...is going camping with Ryan this weekend. In a tent. In the woods. With no TV. (I'm sure I'll be posting about it next week :) ).
5. ...has declared that she is tired of pink. However, she's worn her pink uniform shirts to school the last two days. Hmmm.....
6. ...is still enjoying gymnastics. The other girls in her class are a lot bigger and older than her, but she holds her own.

1. ...is obsessed with ambulances. He calls them "amboolance chucks (trucks)."
2. ...is also obsessed with "Thomas the Train" and "Bob the Builder". And after watching them, I think I figured out where the current president got his campaign slogan of "Yes we can!" (It's also Bob the Builder's motto.)
3. ...loves the movie "Cars." I DVR'd it a while back, watched it a couple of times and now talks about it all the time. He wants to sleep on his "Cars" sheets, wrap up in his "Cars" blanket and when he saw a little boy with "Cars" crocs the other day, he demanded a pair for himself.
4. ...is asking for some stars on his ceiling. Both Sydney and Evan have glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceilings (left by the previous owners) and I think he's a bit jealous. I think I know what we're getting him for his birthday.
5. ...has his first dentist appointment next week. We've been playing dentist the last couple of days and reading books about it, but I am still not looking forward to it.
6. ...is having loads of fun at Mother's Day Out. His teachers are really sweet and the bullying issues of last year have not reappeared this year. Hurray!

1. ...runs everywhere. And when he's wearing his squeaky shoes, he runs even faster because he loves to listen to them. Luckily the squeakers come out for those days when I just can't take it anymore.
2. ...is now saying about 20 words. I am loving it! Of course, none of those 20 words is "mommy", but he'll get there. I think it's hilarious when he points to the TV (when it's off) and says, "Elmo."
3. ...likes to stand between me and the cabinet when I'm trying to cook. Talk about a kid getting underfoot.
4. ...can't stand it when Liam runs to the potty and I shut the door. He wants to be in there with us so so badly. I guess he thinks he's missing something fun. Of course, he often sees Liam getting an m&m when we come out, so I guess I can see why he thinks that.
5. ...can drain his sippy cup in 30 seconds. The boy loves his liquids.
6. ...got his first real haircut last week. I now have a toddler, not a baby. Sniff. Pictures coming soon.


  1. i shall owe you for the squeaky shoe plug! :) :) NO WAY on the 5th grade cell phone! Sherri

  2. Wow, the kids are all growing up so quickly.

    I think it's so funny that Liam is into all the same things Zachariah is. Cars, Thomas, Bob, etc. Also good luck at the dentist. We have not done that yet, but will schedule soon.

    Maybe Evan should come along to the potty and watch Liam go. It might help him train sooner himself.