Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Poor, Bleeding Ears

My daughter can talk. And talk. And talk. It's no wonder, actually, that Liam doesn't talk; the poor boy doesn't have a chance to get a work in edgewise. I've written about her stream-of-consciousness talking before, but she is seriously taking it to a whole new level. She got off the bus the other day and literally did not take a breath as she told me about her day.

Me: Hi, Sweetheart. How was your day?

Sydney: Good. I didn't move my color today.* Guess what? Since it was cold and rainy, we couldn't go outside for recess so guess what? We got two sheets of construction paper to make a craft. Guess what colors I got...light blue and pink. Guess what I made with them...the Texas flag! Except I didn't have white paper, so I had to use blue on the top, too. But that's OK because it still looked like the Texas flag. And it was C's birthday so her mom brought cupcakes for everyone. Guess what was on them...little butterflies! I got a pink one with a yellow butterfly and it was so cute and it tasted good, too. So since I had a cupcake I can't have dessert tonight. Wasn't it fun last night when we made s'mores by the fireplace? You surprised me when I came out of the shower and you had all the stuff ready to make s'mores. I ran to my room and dried my hair and put my pajamas on real quick so that I could have a s'more. You know how we make s'mores when we go to San Antonio with Gram and Granddad? Do the kids get to roast the marshmallows or is it just the grown-ups? Maybe it could be that only kids over four can roast the marshmallows because fire can be really dangerous. What are we having for snack today?

And then I opened the front door and she finally took a breath.

Future talk show host, perhaps?

* The discipline system in her classroom is based on colors. The kids start the day with their name tags on green and if they break a rule, they have to move their tags to different, etc. It's a wonder that she never gets in trouble for talking too much!


  1. She doesn't get in trouble for talking at school because she saves all her words for when she gets home! LOL Clay is the same way...he never stops talking!!

  2. I love it! Zachariah is like this already. From the moment he started forming words he didn't stop. And my poor mom...I was worse than my son. Still can be. (But I know it all came from her too.)