Monday, February 1, 2010

So Excited!!

I'm almost too afraid to tell you what I'm so excited about because I fear it won't come true. But I'm about to explode so I just have to tell someone.

Guess where I might get to go in a few weeks?

New York!

With NO kids!!

Ryan is set to go to NYC for a business trip toward the end of the month and my mom, saint that she is, offered to stay at our house for the week so that I could go with him. Without kids! Wait, did I already say that? Sorry....I'm just so excited.

I didn't ask her to do this, I promise. She knew Ryan was set to go and practically begged me to go with him. I don't know if she's psychic and knows how much of a break I really need or just a glutton for punishment. Either way, I'm not going to question her sanity. Out loud, anyway.

So if I'm not around too much in the next couple of weeks, please forgive me. I'll be busy cleaning my house from top to bottom and typing up an "instruction manual" for my mom. And searching for comfortable, yet stylish shoes to wear in the city. And planning all the nerdy cool things I want to do.

Can't wait!!


  1. Wow! That will be awesome! Can I come too?

  2. Yay!! I am so excited for you! Especially since you didn't get to go last time. I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way this time :)

  3. Mommy Daisy - You're more than welcome to come along! That would be lots of fun!

  4. Congrats!!! So excited for you...and a little jealous, but only a little! ;)

  5. That's great Jana! I've done a couple business trips with Jim to Orlando, once ten weeks pregnant and vomiting, and the other time with a six month old, and it was STILL tons of fun. I can't imagine doing it as a total Well Person without an infant! Score!