Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ten years ago today, Ryan and I said our wedding vows.  Ten years.  Wow.  (For a wedding picture, click here.)

We don't have anything big planned, not with Christmas next week and a family trip to Disney next summer.  We might go out to dinner on Saturday, if I can get rid of this nasty stomach bug (nothing says "Happy 10th Anniversary" like waking up to a vomiting wife.)  And if I'm still sick, well....oh well.  We'll live.

The sweet husband that he is, Ryan bought me a new iPod Touch as my gift.  He even wrapped it in foil since the 10 year anniversary gift is supposed to be aluminum.  (Honestly, I'd like to know just who came up with the list of traditional anniversary gifts and what the point of all of it is.)

What did I get him?  Nothing.  Not even a card.  Yes, I'm a bad wife.  And yes, I am feeling completely guilty.  But we've never been big on anniversary gifts (again, Christmas is next week) and I just never a found a card that I liked.  I guess that's what happens when you both have fairly sarcastic senses of humor and all the card companies like to print are really sappy cards.

So, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I can't wait to see what the next ten years have in store for us.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 10th this year too. It was also very unexciting. Better than we spent our 5th anniversary...with a puking wife. Too funny, what's up with that. I was newly pregnant with Zachariah then. We tried to go out for lunch, and I made him pull over about 1/2 way there so I could get sick. He turned around and brought me back home after that. ;) Oh well, that's what marriage is about...the good with the bad.