Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comic Relief

With all that's happened in the last several days, we've still found plenty to laugh about.  What's got me laughing the most is, well, frankly, it's mean.

During his last seizure, Ryan bit down on his tongue really hard and while the bruising is gone, the swelling is still there.  The poor guy's tongue was about three times it's normal size for a few days.  The swollen tongue has led to a terrible lisp and I'm sure I'll be struck by lightning for laughing about it, but it is absolutely hilarious to listen to him talk.

I laugh the hardest when he's reading the boys their bedtime story.  The current favorite is Dr. Seuss' Ten Apples up on Top! and when Ryan reads it to them, it sounds something like this:

"Come on!  Come on!
Come one!  Come all!
We have to make
the applth fall.

They mutht not get
our applth down.
Come on!  Come on!
Get out of town!

Applth up on top!
All of thith
mutht thtop

How can I not laugh, especially when it's in rhyming form?

Anyway, both the swelling and the lisp are almost gone and my laughter will soon turn into a chuckle.

It may be cruel, but it is nice to laugh again.

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