Friday, May 6, 2011

Would You Rather....

My parents have a board game at their house that Sydney and my nieces like to play when we're all visiting.  It's called "Would You Rather....".  Basically, you have to choose the lesser of two evils when given a pair of either really silly or really gross scenarios.  For example:

1.  "Would you rather.....have your mom give you a huge sloppy kiss in front of all of your friends when dropping you off at school or have your friends witness your parents kiss for a full ten seconds?"

2.  "Would you rather....drink the juice the gathers at the bottom of a garbage bag or lick the bottom of your brother's shoe?"

We all have a good time watching the girls play it, especially when they get to giggling over the scenarios.

However, I wasn't laughing a whole lot this week when our lives turned into a game of "Would You Rather....".  Just this week we faced the following dilemmas:

1. Would you rather hold down your daughter while she gets a shot for strep or see your son's knocked out teeth in your husband's hand?

2. Would you rather watch your daughter gag on the strep test q-tips shoved down her throat or watch your son get a set of x-rays on his bloody and mangled mouth?

3. Would you rather get up two nights in a row to deal with a vomiting child or get only four hours of sleep one night because you're so worried about two sick/hurt kids?

4. Would you rather have to change a set of vomit-crusted sheets at 4:30 in the morning or smear antibiotic liquid on  the gaping holes in your son's mouth where he used to have two teeth?

Except this game of "Would You Rather...." didn't let us choose between the scenarios.  We had to do them all.

Yep, it was one of those weeks.  Sydney was home most of the week with strep throat (which, for her, means a sore throat and nausea/vomiting) and Liam slipped after his swim lesson and knocked out his top two front teeth.  While Sydney will get better, Liam will have a gaping hole in his mouth until his permanent teeth come in when he's seven or eight years old.  And, in addition to his normal speech difficulties, now has a lisp.

The only upside is that they're both on the same diet: soft foods, popsicles and ice cream.

And Evan?  He's perfectly healthy and perfectly content to take advantage of all the extra frozen treats in the house.

I guess one healthy kid out of three isn't bad.


  1. Tien said...

    Mercy, what a tough week! I hope Sydney feels better. Little Liam sounds like one tough cookie! I think you deserve a lot of rest and pampering on Mother's Day weekend!

  2. What a week indeed! Have they talked about falsies for Liam? Jayme had to have them as he also knocked out teeth while swimmin as a pre-schooler.
    Hoping for improved health and well-being in your house!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a mess! I hope this week is going better for you.

  4. Well, any major league player would love to bat .300, and you're a major league family. We love & miss you and read "Dress-up" every day!