Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Odd things that intimidate me

As Liam and I were strolling through Central Market this morning, I thought back to when I didn't want to go there alone because I was intimidated by it and the people who shop there. Sydney and I call it the "fancy store" because it carries lots of fru-fru items and everyone who shops there looks like they get $80 haircuts and weekly manicures. Obviously, that is not me.

Sadly, Central Market is not the only thing that intimidates me. Here's a list of some seemingly normal things that make me feel inferior:

1. Ordering meat at the butcher counter (probably because I know nothing about cuts of meat)
2. Hummers (they're three times bigger than my car)
3. French and German foreign films (but oddly, not Chinese or Italian ones)
4. Starbucks (what's wrong with small, medium & large sizes?)
5. Sommaliers (not that I know any personally)
6. Skinny moms out walking with their newborns (I think that's due to my jealousy)
7. Fancy shoes and the people who wear them
8. Fancy purses and the people who carry them
9. Makeup counters in department stores (Mary Kay, anyone?)
10. La Leche League moms

I'm sure I can overcome some of these, but some will always intimidate me. What intimidates you?

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