Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clean and Purge

To prepare our house for the termite tenting it will go through later this week, I spent my weekend cleaning and purging. We have to remove all food (minus canned goods), alcohol, medicines, toiletries, baby mattresses, plastic toys and anything Liam might put in his mouth. So basically, half our house needs to be packed up and stored elsewhere for the three days that our house will be doused in toxic gas.

While packing all these things, I decided to clean and purge at the same time. I am embarrassed to admit what all got thrown away because it was old, sticky or expired:

-2 full bottles of antacids that expired in 2004 (I bought them when pregnant with Sydney just in case I got heartburn - I never did)
-Infant cough & cold drops that were recalled last week
-4 half-used tubes of travel sized toothpaste (it's not like I can combine them)
-2 boxes of gelatin that expired in 2006 (I fixed a third box that would never "set", so I'm assuming that it does actually expire)
-Coffemate cream that expired in May (can you tell we only fix coffee when my in-laws are in town?)
-2 packages of yeast that expired in 1998 (yes, 1998)
-5 packages of protein shake powder (no clue why we had that)
-2 lime flavored popsicles that none of us would eat
-3 frost bitten hot dog buns
-an opened can of frozen orange juice that had 1/3 of the contents missing (no clue why)

I could go on and on (and bore you to death), but needless to say, our cabinets, drawers and pantry were in serious need of some organizing.

I challenge you to peek in your medicine cabinet, pantry and fridge.....what can you throw away?

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