Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Evan's been home for over a week and we're still trying to adjust. Well, I say "we", but I really mean Liam.

Sydney hasn't missed a beat since Evan arrived; she is still going to pre-school and has accepted Evan as another member of the family. She tells me everyday how much she loves him and has asked to take him to school for Show and Tell. She's also an expert at accepting a new sibling into the family having done it once before.

Liam, on the other hand, is not doing so well. Unfortunately, Evan's arrival coincided with the beginnings of Liam's temper tantrums. He's hit Evan a couple of times and he has a new affinity for biting when he doesn't get his way, which is quite often. Luckily, he hasn't bitten Evan yet (just the rest of us).

As expected (although I was hoping that Liam would be the exception to the rule), he's been ignoring me, which breaks my heart. And the roller coaster of hormones on my part doesn't help at all. For a few days, he wouldn't let me hug or kiss him or even get anywhere near him. He's warmed a bit and will sit in my lap to read a book and has let me kiss him and has even reciprocated. I'm sure that once I'm given the "all clear" to pick him up again, the issues will be resolved; I'd have to say that not being able to pick up your older children is the absolute worst downside to having a c-section (well, next to death and paralysis). I'm sure he's confused, frustrated and angry with the fact that I cannot pick him up to get him into his crib or even to comfort him.

He's also being a bit nicer to Evan. He likes to pull Evan's head to his for a rough "hug" and has even planted a few juicy, open-mouthed toddler kisses on Evan's face. Hopefully, the brotherly love will continue and I'll actually have my camera ready to capture the moment.


In housing news, we are set to close on our new house on June 5th. That's NEXT week!!! We're hoping to move at the end of next month. Each child will have his/her own room, we'll have a yard and a garage to park our cars in.....so far The Land of Fruit = Heaven on Earth.

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