Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow. You're only a day away."

Yes, that's a line from "Annie" and right now it's my mantra.

The level of discomfort with this pregnancy has been much higher than my last two, and while I know I'll miss feeling the little kicks from within from Baby #3 (who STILL doesn't have a name!), I'm ready to have him/her enter the world.

Some of the discomfort may stem from the fact that this baby could be much larger than my other two. My OB is a predicting an eight pound baby (and I'm only five feet tall)!! Ryan and I don't think he/she will be quite that large, but it would explain why I've been so much more uncomfortable.

Anyway, this is my last post as a mom of two. I'll have Ryan post all the important statistics and some pictures tomorrow evening.

Keep us in your prayers around noon (central time) tomorrow!

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