Thursday, September 25, 2008


Supposedly, school will re-open tomorrow! Whoopeeee!!!!!!

All of us are losing our minds (and patience) around here. I absolutely cannot get anything done with three kids home all day. When it's just two of them, I can manage somewhat, but with three....forget it. At least Liam and Evan take naps and I get a bit of break, but with Sydney here all day, I get absolutely no break at all. And my ears don't get a break, either.

Take this morning when I tried to do yoga while all three were awake. I had DVR'd a 30 minute yoga workout and attempted to do it before we got our day started. No such luck. At first, Evan was in his bouncer perfectly happy and Sydney and Liam tried to do it with me, which was cute and definitely not annoying. But then Evan fussed, so I had to re-insert the pacifier several times so I missed several poses and lost my momentum. Liam got bored and started playing with some old Mardi Gras beads and Sydney whined (oh the whining I've heard the last two weeks!) because she couldn't do the poses correctly. I paused it to help her achieve "Downward Dog". Then I had to stop and skip through the commercials to get to the next routine. Sydney and Liam started arguing over the beads and then Sydney got all tangled up in them. None of this was conducive to the relaxation I usually feel during yoga and I realized why people go to some sort of childless class to do yoga: it's impossible to do with children around!

Anyway, with Sydney back in school tomorrow and hopefully Liam back in his Mother's Day Out program next week, we can get back to normal around here. All I know is that these past two weeks were near torturous which does not bode well for next summer.

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