Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunker Down

Well, we decided to stay in our home and ride Ike out. The storm has tracked east a bit so it's no longer moving straight up the freeway that we live near. It's now headed for Galveston and straight north from there so we'll most definitely get some very heavy wind and rain, but it doesn't seem as dire as it did yesterday.

We thought about staying in my parents' house while they are on vacation (they even called from Alaska to encourage us to do so), but since the storm has moved, they are more in the path of the "dirty side of the storm" than we are. Ryan headed there early this morning to empty their fridge and freezer since their electricity will most definitely go out and stay out for days (even weeks) and to steal their generator. We figure they're not home so they don't need it anyway, right? :) Of course, when they get home on Monday, they may be surprised to find no food in their house!

Thank you to everyone who has added us and all those in Ike's path to their prayers. And I am blown away by the people who have offered up their homes to us as a refuge. I am truly astonished at the kindness of people that I've never met in real life. Despite the impending storm, I feel truly blessed.

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