Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Latest Sydneyisms

I haven't posted Sydneyisms in a while. Here a few from the last couple of weeks.


When she saw that the DVR was taping "The Tour of Ireland" (another cycling race): "Daaaaad-dy, stop recording recycling!"

Wouldn't that be funny to watch? "Watch as the contestant separates the glass and plastic articles in the bin. Will that empty spaghetti sauce jar break? Is that a Class 4 or 5 plastic container? Wow - how many beer cans can one guy go through in a week?"


To me after Ryan fixed her vanity: "Daddy is a good fixer. He's a good killer, too."

Me: "He's a good what?"

Sydney: "He's a good killer. He's good at killing bugs."


At dinner while we were discussing Hurricane Ike: "Did you know that if you open your doors a little bit, a tornado can't see your house and will skip over it?"

Boy do I wish that was how it worked.


To Liam after he got a timeout for pulling her hair: "Liam. Stop pulling my hair. You keep getting timeouts because you pull my hair and timeouts are no fun. Do you think timeouts are fun? You're going to keep getting timeouts if you keep pulling hair or biting or hitting or screaming. And if you keep screaming then I'm going to put you in your room. Do you want to go to your room? Now tell me you're sorry and give me a hug. Give me hug. Liam! Give me a hug!"

Would you want to give her a hug after that?

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