Friday, September 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

Another post of random things that do not warrant a post of their own....

* Sydney bought her lunch at school for the first time today. She was so excited, especially since she had to wait out the two week "Ike Break" to do it. She had rectangular cheese pizza (just like I did growing up), a fruit cup, veggies dipped in peanut butter (ick) and chocolate milk (a huge treat for her). She gets to buy her lunch once a month (because it costs $2.25 and we consider that highway robbery for a school lunch) and she's already excited about doing it again next month.

* We had the state child development agency come out today to evaluate Liam's speech. He'll have a more formal evaluation next month to decide whether or not he needs speech therapy. I'm thinking he will need it because he's just now mimicking sounds and making animal sounds consistently. He'll be two in November and has a working vocabulary of about 12 words which is not enough according to the "standards."

* Evan's eye is still goopy. The poor boy has had the goopy eye since he was a week old and the series of antibiotic drops we've been giving him just didn't do the trick. So we're headed to the pediatric opthamologist next month to have his tear ducts surgically opened. Needless to say I'm a bit freaked out, but Shelly over at Scenic Overlook eased my fears by sharing her daughter's tear duct opening experience with me. Thanks Shelly!

* We might go to Disney World next summer. We haven't taken a family vacation in what seems like forever and we really want to go there before Sydney completely outgrows her love of princesses. Anyone have any $$$$ they want to donate to the cause?

* I just finished the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer. Between it and the new HBO show "True Blood", I think I've had my fill of vampire lore.

* Halloween update: Sydney wants to be a bride (which is apparently one step above princess in her five year old mind), Evan is going to wear the same pumpkin outfit Sydney did when she was six months old, and Liam? We have no idea. We're going to see if the dragon costume Sydney wore when she was 18 months will fit him.

* We've decided to go "meatless" two nights a week at dinnertime. It saves money and is healthier. Anyone have any great vegetarian recipes to share?

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