Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

* Liam is obsessed with puzzles. Put them together, take them apart, put them together, take them apart. Now if I could just get him to put them away.

* Sydney finally lost her other top front tooth. Now she has a huge gap and talkth like thith. I promise to take a picture before her permanent teeth grow in.

* I think we're going to have to have Evan's tear duct surgically opened. As in full-on hospital trip with anesthesia surgically opened. The poor little guy constantly has goop in his eye and it's affecting his vision a bit.

* The Dave Ramsey class is going well. We're now halfway through and although we're not doing absolutely everything he recommends, we're definitely making progress toward some of our goals.

* I can't decide where we should go on our summer vacation this year. I know I should have said we can't decide, but Ryan doesn't ever really care where go as long as we go somewhere. Maybe the beach. Hmmm........

* Sydney is itching to start Book 2 of the Harry Potter series. She is excited about the overall plot line and characters and most of her free-time drawing is of scenes from the first book.

* My next book club hosting involves another time travel book. I don't think I can possibly come up with another time travel related menu. *Sigh*

* After touring the United Nations and reading a few articles about international relations and the responsibilities of the State Department, I told Ryan that I should have studied to become the Secretary of State since it sounds like a fascinating job. He pointed out that I'm probably too opinionated and would get in trouble for telling this guy to shut his mouth or for telling this guy to get over himself. He's probably right. :)


  1. We don 't follow the Dave plan exactly either (not gazelle intense). I think with 3 kids who wouldn't understnad why they are living on rice and beans (especially when they don't like beans) we have to make some adjustments to suit us. I can't completely justify living on nothing for the future when we can be rich. I want to live now too. Just a the occassional movie or trip to the beer store.
    We are thinking of trying out the beach agaian this year. We haven't been since the summer I was pregnant with Pattie and we all ended up with! Let me know if you are coming up our way again!
    And whatever you want to run for, you TOTALLY have my vote!!

  2. Zachariah loves puzzles too. We have to get him harder and harder ones, because the ones for his age as just too simple for him.

    Glad you're enjoying the Dave Ramsey course. That's what we learned about it too. There are so many things we took from it and use, but we have tweaked some to work for us or not use it at all. Each family and situation is different, but it's a great start and very motivating with his program (even if not done exactly).

    Ha ha on Ryan's UN comment! Love it!