Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

* I'll be glad when Lent is over. Fixing fish/vegetarian meals every Friday (for both lunch and dinner) is getting old.

* On a related note, is there anything more disgusting than having to pick out bones and skin from a can of salmon?

* On a more positive note, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous the next few days. Can't wait!

* Ryan heard an ad on the radio for this government agency that is seeking new employees. On a whim, I checked it out and I actually qualify for quite a few of the positions. And they sound really interesting, too. Too bad they're all in Washington, D.C.

* We tried the Dave Ramsey trick of negotiating with cash last week when we had to have some body work done on our van. The guy knocked 10% of the bill when we offered to pay with cash. Score!

* For my birthday, Ryan bought me an exercise ball to use at home to help me get in shape for summer. The kids have had lots of fun playing with it. Notice I said the kids.

* This past week's political events have me pretty disgusted with both major political parties. Too bad there isn't a political party for people with common sense who know how to turn off the TV and think for themselves. I'd join that one in a heartbeat.


  1. Our kids LOVE the big ball!! So much so that we have to keep it in the garage.
    Buy frozen salmon fillets. I get them at Walmart (because it's the only store around up here) and there are about 4 fillets in the bag for around $4 usually.
    I will join your political party any day!
    PS--my verification word was "derib" I guess that would be more disgusting than salmon skin?

  2. Just to say that you work for the CIA would be awesome.

  3. Ditto Fran on the salmon. You can put the raw salmon in the food processor if you're making patties. I've also bought cooked salmon and tuna in bags (right next to the cans). No bones and gunk in there.