Monday, March 29, 2010

The Wheels In Their Heads Go Round and Round....

I could actually see the wheels turning in his little head.

Now what do I have to do to reach that thing I want? I know. I'll pull my little table over to it and stand on the table to reach it. Nuts. Still can't reach it. Hmmm..... I know! I'll put my riding toy on top of the table and then stand on it. Surely that will make me tall enough to reach it. goes. Uh-oh. The wheels on the riding toy are moving and my little balancing trick isn't working. Oh no, oh no, oh no.....and down I go.

And then I heard him crying and screaming, but not because he was really hurt. Surprised? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. Defeated? Heck, no.

Once a couple of kisses made it all better, he was on his feet and planning his next move. with boys. It is just one surprise after another.

I'm actually awed by their logic and problem solving skills. They may not always get what they want, but they sure do try hard. And their little plans are so creative. They're not always smart, but they're creative. And they actively pursue what they want. While Sydney uses her verbal skills to try to get her way (future attorney alert!), the boys just go for it.

This kind of creative risk-taking is probably why so many things throughout history have been invented by men. It's also probably why most of the stunts-gone-wrong on AFV feature boys and men. :)

Unless they are in imminent danger, I usually let them follow through with their little plans. How else are they going to learn to become risk takers and future innovators? Plus, it gives me plenty of opportunities to kiss the boo boos, both real and imaginary. In fact, in Liam's case, those are the only kisses he doesn't playfully wipe off.

Now when they get older and their risk-taking involves real cars, not just riding toys, that will be another matter. But for now, I'm just going to sit back, watch them hatch their little plans and happily give them kisses to heal their bruised knees and egos.

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